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Message ID: 875     Entry time: Thu Mar 8 01:15:50 2012
Author: Frank 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Seismic 
Subject: air spring isolation installed 

[Tara, Frank, Zach, Jenne]

i've picked up all parts, tapped a few more holes and assembled the two beams. Zach helped us lifting the (really heavy) vacuum chamber to install the two beams. I had to cut one side of the center insulation (the one with the flange on the side) as it was impossible to install with the chamber resting on the two beams. Even after cutting it it was really difficult to install. There is barely enough space for the other side. The other pieces are easy to install.

Had a hard time to find an adapter for the schrader valve. Have been to 3 bicycle stores, three car supply stores, home depot, osh etc. - the simply don't have an adapter which one can screw on the valve and connect a hose or anything like that. Ended up making one out of some valve extensions. Jenne helped me installing the air supply for one side to check how much pressure we need to lift it. It turns out that the air supply in the lab is sufficient. Will get all missing parts tomorrow from the hardware store to finish installation and measure the TF of the new isolation.

IMG058.jpg IMG056.jpg


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