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Message ID: 866     Entry time: Mon Mar 5 17:15:03 2012
Author: Frank 
Type: Notes 
Category: Schedule 
Subject: air spring isolation 

machined all steel parts myself this morning and submitted them for welding to Mike. He said we can pick it up at the end of the week, so if we are lucky we can install the stuff Friday afternoon already.


  1. Do we want him to paint them? If yes, which color?
  2. How do we pressurize the springs or measure the pressure?
  3. Do we adjust the pressure simply by leveling the beam which might result in different pressure levels? What is more important, equal springs or a leveled chamber?

Parts missing:

  • 3/8-16 x 0.75 socket head screws and washers (4 sets) for mounting air springs to angles
  • new posts for beat breadboard
  • AL-baseplates to mount springs to table - will be ready tomorrow

New beam height will be ~6.5in  ->  5-7/8 + 3/8 for the beam + 1/4 clearance

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