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Message ID: 822     Entry time: Mon Feb 13 13:16:02 2012
Author: Frank 
Type: Notes 
Category: BEAT 
Subject: temp coefficient of coax cables 

from   Measurements of Earth-station delay instabilities using a delay-calibration device  measured at 70MHz  


Group delay [ppm/K] Phase delay [ppm/K]
RG58U -80 68
FSJ1-50 7 -7
ISOCORE 21 -14

other data (e.g. for RG223/U) can be found here : http://tmo.jpl.nasa.gov/progress_report/42-99/99E.PDF

or here : http://ivs.nict.go.jp/mirror/meetings/v2c_wm1/phase_stability.pdf

or here: http://tesla.unh.edu/courses/ece758/Handouts/cable-specs.pdf

Type of cable             Temp coef (ppm/K)
RG-8A                          -85
RG-214                        -60
RG-223                        -40 to -100
Belden 9913               -21
Andrew FSJ4-50B      -2 to +6
Andrew LDF2-50        -8 to +6
Andrew LDF4-50A     +7 to +16


And for the LMR-240 which i would buy for future cable delay lines ~24ppm/K



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