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Message ID: 80     Entry time: Fri Feb 26 15:15:56 2010
Author: Tara Chalermsongsak 
Type: Laser 
Category: RC noise 
Subject: quarter wave plate added/power from Ref and A Cavs measured 

I borrowed one of the quarter wave plate and added it after the beam from the Ref Cav. One more QWP is needed for the ACav.

The power after the Ref cav is measured:

1) just after the cavity : 5.4 mW

2)First BS: Reflected beam (to the PD): 3.8 mW, Transmitted beam: 1.4 mW

3) 2nd BS: Reflected beam (for beat measurement): 0.56 mW,  Transmitted beam(to the camera): 0.62 mW

The waveplate is set at 32 degree, for max transmitted beam from a PBS( horizontal polarization in this setup)


Power after the A cav:

1) just after the cavity: 19.3 mW

2) First BS: Reflected beam(to PD):19 mW, Transmitted beam: 0.21 mW

3) 2nd BS: Reflected beam(for beat msmt): 0.255 mW

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