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Message ID: 761     Entry time: Fri Dec 9 11:55:21 2011
Author: Frank 
Type: Notes 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: new channels from second VME crate 

Added the following channels. Data is valid from now on.

# RF-AM monitor channels (not used at the moment, no calibration)
[C3:PSL-FSS_RFAM_RCAV]   # monitor for RCAV
[C3:PSL-FSS_RFAM_ACAV]   # monitor for ACAV

# EOM temp stabilization channels
[C3:PSL-FSS_EOM_TSET]  # EOM temp setpoint value (no calibration,units=Volt)
[C3:PSL-FSS_EOM_TACT]  # actual (in-loop) temperature (no calibration, units=Volt)
[C3:PSL-FSS_EOM_IMON]  # EOM heater current monitor - does not exist yet
[C3:PSL-FSS_EOM_SETTEMP]  # Analog output to set EOM temperature - not used at the moment

# aux channels (no calibration, input range -10V to 10V

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