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Entry  Thu Dec 8 15:59:21 2011, Frank, Summary, PMC, realignment 
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Message ID: 755     Entry time: Thu Dec 8 21:06:10 2011     In reply to: 754     Reply to this: 759
Author: Frank 
Type: Summary 
Category: PMC 
Subject: realignment 

thanks, for the info.

I only did the PMC so far as i has to fix the daq and add the new channels. What's the problem with beam height of the isolator? Is the beam too low or the mount too high? Do you know?


A reminder for Frank about the setup, 

  • The AOM's case on RCAV beam path is not screwed down to the body, so it will be blocking the beam.
  • The height for Faraday isolator behind the PMC is not correct, i think only ~80% of the power is transmitted. I haven't had it fixed yet
  • When I measured the visibility of RCAV, I scanned the cavity and minimize the dip as seen on the REFL RFPD. I got sth ~90% transmission, but when I measured the actual tranmitted power, the visibility is lower than that, maybe only~ 75%.
  • There is some weird reflection on ACAV RFPD, I'm not sure if it comes from the window or not.


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