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Entry  Thu Dec 8 15:59:21 2011, Frank, Summary, PMC, realignment 
    Reply  Thu Dec 8 20:28:06 2011, tara, Summary, PMC, realignment 
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             Reply  Thu Jan 12 16:04:05 2012, Tara, Summary, PMC, Isolator base, EOM base's height faraday_base.jpg
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Message ID: 754     Entry time: Thu Dec 8 20:28:06 2011     In reply to: 753     Reply to this: 755
Author: tara 
Type: Summary 
Category: PMC 
Subject: realignment 

A reminder for Frank about the setup, 

  • The AOM's case on RCAV beam path is not screwed down to the body, so it will be blocking the beam.
  • The height for Faraday isolator behind the PMC is not correct, i think only ~80% of the power is transmitted. I haven't had it fixed yet
  • When I measured the visibility of RCAV, I scanned the cavity and minimize the dip as seen on the REFL RFPD. I got sth ~90% transmission, but when I measured the actual tranmitted power, the visibility is lower than that, maybe only~ 75%.
  • There is some weird reflection on ACAV RFPD, I'm not sure if it comes from the window or not.
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