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Entry  Tue Nov 8 18:51:38 2011, tara, DailyProgress, optic, optics for RFAM IMG_2186_ACAV.jpgIMG_2187_RCAV.jpg
    Reply  Tue Nov 29 01:50:40 2011, tara, DailyProgress, optic, optics for RFAM RFPD_setup.jpg
Message ID: 739     Entry time: Tue Nov 29 01:50:40 2011     In reply to: 726
Author: tara 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: optic 
Subject: optics for RFAM 

I made some minor adjustment to the optics layout so that the reflected beam at the PBS before the cavity can be used to measure RFAM. Now RCAV's beam can be picked up for RFAM measurement.

    The PBS just before RCAV was moved Eastward a bit so that the reflected beams from both PBSs are not blocked. I removed mirrors with soft mounts and use only rigid 1" posts only. 

    I used a spare 35.5MHz RFPD for the pickup beam from RCAV path (in red). The power cable for RFPD was made and checked. It works properly. There is a spare new focus 1811 RFPD, but the connector is broken, the pins are bent. I'll try to fix this and use it for ACAV's RFAM pickup.


     The AC signal from RFPD will be demodulated with 35.5 MHz signal which is split from the LO signal for ACAV PDH's lock. I have not adjusted the phase by trying different cable lengths yet. This will be done later.

     There is one thing I'm a bit concerned with. The RF signal from the RFPD has DC level ~ 120 mV, I'm not sure if it's unusual or not. I'll check with another RFPD.

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