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Entry  Mon Oct 10 21:30:45 2011, Tara, Frank, Summary, Seismic, second leg replaced 
    Reply  Wed Oct 12 00:53:40 2011, Tara, Frank, Summary, Seismic, second leg replaced 
       Reply  Thu Oct 13 02:36:58 2011, Tara, Frank, Summary, Seismic, second leg replaced plot_2011_10_12.pngplot_2011_10_12.fig
          Reply  Fri Oct 14 14:40:51 2011, Tara, Frank, DailyProgress, Seismic, leakage in the legs, RFPD noise test beat_2011_10_13.figbeat_2011_10_13.pngerrnoise_volt.pngerrnoise.pngerrnoise.fig
Message ID: 702     Entry time: Mon Oct 10 21:30:45 2011     Reply to this: 703
Author: Tara, Frank 
Type: Summary 
Category: Seismic 
Subject: second leg replaced 

we have replaced the second leg which was leaking. It could be that the legs are simply to old and the rubber got brittle. As far as i know the table has never been operated floating as it had the suspended reference cavity on it since the beginning. We operate at around 85 PSI, maximum operational pressure is specified at 100PSI so that should be OK. The second leg started leaking after one day of floating operation. We disassembled one today to have a close look but we can't really tell where the leak is. We will check with some pressure to see what's broken within the next few days. Let's see what the other legs do in the near future. We still have plenty of "spares", as Aidan bought two new sets (taller ones) for the old tables in the TCS lab. So we have 8 short ones which are currently not used (and seem to be newer than the ones we currently have). And they still work as passive legs.

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