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Entry  Mon Sep 12 01:21:14 2011, tara, DailyProgress, BEAT, beat layout beat_2011_09_12.png
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Message ID: 687     Entry time: Tue Sep 20 00:12:46 2011     In reply to: 678     Reply to this: 688
Author: rana 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: BEAT 
Subject: seismic noise coupling 

By taking the passive transfer function between a vertical seismometer on the table and the individual cavity signals, we should be able to see which direction to move the cavity supports so as to minimize the seismic coupling.

Our first iteration probably will have a sign error, but by making a few iterations we ought to be able to home in on a better support. Also, we should compare the theoretical estimate with the measured coupling in units of strain/(m/s^2).

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