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Message ID: 656     Entry time: Thu Aug 11 15:18:28 2011
Author: Raphael 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Electronics Equipment 
Subject: shot noise characterization 

Here is the characterization of the shot noise.


I ended up with two different answers for the shot noise intercept. When I fitted it to Z(2e(i_{dc}+i_{int})^{1/2}, where Z is the transimpedance, i_dc is the measured data, and i_int is the shot noise intercept, I got 0.27mA.  When I fit two lines for the input referred noise level and the shot noise, the shot noise intercept is at 0.17mA.

Also, everytime I get more data, I end up with a different answer :(

While I'm at it, I will post the transfer function of the PD.


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