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Entry  Wed May 25 18:29:09 2011, tara, Notes, optic, purchases 
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       Reply  Tue May 31 11:31:18 2011, tara, Notes, optic, purchases 
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Message ID: 605     Entry time: Wed May 25 18:29:09 2011     Reply to this: 606
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: optic 
Subject: purchases 

I ordered a few opto mechanical components to replace the current shaky periscopes.

The new  periscope is shown here, elog:574. Currently we have only one set, so I ordered a post clamp to complete another set. 

I also ordered 4 mirror mounts that can be mounted on 45 degree mounting adapters. The thickness of these mounts are thinner than a regular mirror mount, so it can be fit on the adapter. I plan to use these in Crackle experiment as well. 



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