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Entry  Thu Apr 7 23:18:49 2011, koji, frank, tara, DailyProgress, Seismic, previous suspension for RCAV restored 000_0014.jpg000_0018.jpg
    Reply  Sat Apr 9 07:11:20 2011, koji, frank, tara, DailyProgress, Seismic, Q measurement 6x
Message ID: 569     Entry time: Thu Apr 7 23:18:49 2011     Reply to this: 571
Author: koji, frank, tara 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Seismic 
Subject: previous suspension for RCAV restored 

Today we changed the suspension on RCAV back to the original one (spring + wire) and put the cavity back in the chamber.

The beam to RCAV is realigned, but the beam position changes a bit and might clipped on the insulation's opening.

The cavity is being pumped down now.


We decided to switch back to original suspension for RCAV for now before designing a new one.

However, a stronger eddy damping system (thicker metal plate, larger magnet) we added last time is still kept.

This thicker plate might add extra weight to the cavity and cause the spring to extend more, sothe cavity hangs ~5mm lower from the original setup.

I had to adjust the height of the input periscope, but there was no other problem.

The mode matching efficiency is more than 95%.


The exiting beam seems ok, see below figure.




However, the incoming beam is off by almost 5mm and migh clip at the edge.


 I'll fix the opening tomorrow, and check if the vacuum works or not.

I borrow a torque wrench from 40m and used it to tighten the screws on the flange.

There should be no problem this time.





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