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Entry  Thu Mar 24 02:10:14 2011, tara, Notes, RefCav, Cavities' pole rcavtf.pngacavtf.png
    Reply  Thu Mar 24 22:54:10 2011, tara, Notes, RefCav, Cavities' pole 1_RCAVTF.png4_RCAVTF.png2_RCAVTF_120PD.png
Message ID: 552     Entry time: Thu Mar 24 02:10:14 2011     Reply to this: 553
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: RefCav 
Subject: Cavities' pole 

I remeasured the cavities' pole to see any change after we cleaned RCAV. I haven't fit the TF yet, but the TF of ACAV looks very suspicious. The analyzed result will be posted later.


Since there might be something wrong with the calibration factor for the slope of the error signal (FWHM/Vpk-pk of err signal),

I checked cavities' FWHM just in case, following the method used here.


RCAV looks fine,



but ACAV looks very weird.


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