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Entry  Sun Mar 6 23:47:17 2011, tara, Notes, BEAT, boths cavities are locked 
    Reply  Mon Mar 7 01:26:37 2011, Frank, Notes, BEAT, boths cavities are locked 
       Reply  Mon Mar 7 20:13:58 2011, koji, frank, tara, Notes, BEAT, boths cavities are locked beat_shake.png
Message ID: 539     Entry time: Mon Mar 7 20:13:58 2011     In reply to: 538
Author: koji, frank, tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: BEAT 
Subject: boths cavities are locked 

Beat noise measurement is measured while the table is being shaken by PZT at different frequencies.

Only 3.73 Hz (RCAV vertical) significantly affects the beat signal, even with good beam alignment. 



great, so we can check how sensitive the beat signal scatter bump is to cavity motion if we excite individual eigenmodes of both cavities before we change the suspension. This (hopefully) gives us information about which motion we are most sensitive at the moment so we can optimize the "new" suspension for that.


I lock both cavities, setpoints are.

ACAV 37.0 C

RCAV 34.85 C



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