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Message ID: 534     Entry time: Fri Mar 4 14:52:00 2011
Author: Frank 
Type: Summary 
Category: Environment 
Subject: HVAC system fixed 

i called them every day in the past and told them that something is wrong with the HVAC system of the labs but the didn't fix that.
So i called them today again and asked them to come and get in touch with me so that i can show them what's wrong.

So this afternoon a guy showed up and i showed him where the thermostats are, where the cold air is usually coming out and how it was before.
He first suggested that the HEPA filters might be the issue and asked me when we replaced it the last time.
So i said to him that it's pretty unlikely that all of them in three labs are bad from one day to another and that there is no cold air coming out anywhere.
He finally measured the temperature everywhere using one of those infrared thermometers and realized that all of the HVAC system has constant 78F anywhere in the labs.

He finally tracked it down to a hose usually connected to the main cold air valve of the system which was loose hanging around.

He connected it back and now we have cold air again

Temperature is rapidly decreasing from 81F at the moment.

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