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Entry  Wed Mar 2 16:07:29 2011, Frank, Photos, RefCav, suspended cavity for cavity damping experiment P1700967.JPGP1700970.JPGIMG_2695.JPG
    Reply  Thu Mar 3 01:04:46 2011, tara, Photos, RefCav, suspended cavity for cavity damping experiment 000_0001.jpgq7.pngvertical.pngbeat_2011_03_02.png
Message ID: 527     Entry time: Wed Mar 2 16:07:29 2011     Reply to this: 530
Author: Frank 
Type: Photos 
Category: RefCav 
Subject: suspended cavity for cavity damping experiment 

i've suspended another cavity (very similar to the LIGO refcav) on an old stack which is a bit longer than the one we currently use. That shouldn't matter for the viton damping measurements of the wire suspension.
The suspension itself is not identical to the one we use. The posts are different, i had to make some springs which can handle the load, and i had to cut some new wire. Below pictures of the new one and the last picture is from the existing one for comparison. We don't have any spare parts from the original suspension.




Here the original suspension:



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