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Message ID: 485     Entry time: Wed Feb 9 19:57:43 2011
Author: Frank 
Type: Notes 
Category: BEAT 
Subject: new cable length - calibration data 

shorter cable: cable length 62 inches

amplified (DC-coupled) signal from mixer using SR560, LP@30Hz, gain20 in channel C3:PSL-GEN_DAQ15

185.0MHz :  -2.405V
154.2MHz :   0.005V
123.2MHz :   2.263V

max range of double-passed VCO signal: 142MHz-170MHz

142MHz :  1.38V
170MHz : -1.685V

As the FET preamp need some more time to set up i added the AC-coupled signal using a SR560, gain 10k, LP30Hz into C3:PSL-GEN_DAQ16

FET pre-amplified signal will be connected to C3:PSL-GEN_DAQ14   preamp broken

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