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Entry  Tue Feb 8 00:26:44 2011, frank, tara, DailyProgress, RefCav, running thermal PID perl script 2011_02_07_RCPID.png
    Reply  Wed Feb 9 15:41:45 2011, frank, tara, DailyProgress, RefCav, running thermal PID perl script 
Message ID: 484     Entry time: Wed Feb 9 15:41:45 2011     In reply to: 479
Author: frank, tara 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: RefCav 
Subject: running thermal PID perl script 

The thermal control perl script is added for ACAV. The file is saved in SUN machine, all channels are renamed for ACAV and the limit for hardstop is changed to 4.9 V.

an medm screen for ACAV RCPID control, C3PSL-ACAV_RCPID.adl, is also created.

Now we are tuning the gain for ACAV Temperature control.


We installed ezca library on PLS's Sun machine. Now, we can run perl script for Refcav thermalPID control.

The PID gain is being optimized. Channels for SLOWDC's PID thermal control are also created (C3:PSL-FSS_SLOWPID....)

and saved in fss_pid.db file. 


We copied a command package from op440m to the sun machine here, and it can run perl script (RCthermalPID.pl)used at 40m.

The current gain setup is

KP = -0.6

KI = -0.007

KD = 0

The plot below shows a response from a step change of temperature (set to 34.86 C). The cavity temperature does not hang around the set temperature. Instead, it hovers just below the set temp point, see fig1. The time span is 110 mins.

I think it reaches equilibrium quite fast.




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