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Message ID: 483     Entry time: Wed Feb 9 02:07:25 2011
Author: Frank,Tara 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: BEAT 
Subject: long-term frequency drift/noise - once more 

Changed the setup to be used with two different cables at the same time, but only using one right now.

mixer signal calibration with PD signal ~4.7dBm:  5V = 157.295MHz  -5.09V=150.725MHz    dfpkpk=6.57MHz

channel names:

  • C3:PSL-GEN_DAQ15 : SR560, DC-coupled signal, gain somewhere between 100 and 200, LP30KHz
  • C3:PSL-GEN_DAQ16 : SR560, AC-coupled signal, gain 1000, LP30kHz

data valid from 11/02/09 6:20:00 UTC

will post schematic later...


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