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Message ID: 469     Entry time: Thu Feb 3 14:25:18 2011
Author: Frank 
Type: Summary 
Category: BEAT 
Subject: Frequency counter time series 

2 stretches of data taken at the following UTC times:

11/2/2 23:18:19  duration: ~9min

11/2/2 23:22:50  duration: ~9min

units for data: volts  SCALE: 10kHz/V


Here a screenshot for the first stretch from dataviewer:


 here the data: freqcounter_timeseries.dat

 we didn't take longer timeseries with more range as the resolution is so bad that it couldn't be used to extract a spectrum down to mHz .

RAW data can be accessed via or SSH-login and doing the usual.
Channel name is C3:PSL-FSS_FREQCOUNTER



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