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Message ID: 455     Entry time: Wed Jan 26 20:21:57 2011
Author: Frank 
Type: Summary 
Category: Electronics Equipment 
Subject: ACAV RFPD modified 

The ACAV RFPD stopped working this afternoon. It had high current consumption on the +15V supply, causing the supply to drop down to 2.3V.
I turned out that the logic IC (U8, see schematic) was broken and so the +5V (internally regulated) caused the high current flow which is supplied from the +15V.
I removed U8 entirely as we don't need it. Pin7 of U2 can be left open according to the datasheet in order to enable the device. Diode is now working again.

Already yesterday we made several changes in order to make the RFPDs for both cavities the same. Basically more DC and AC gain.
Attached the modified schematic (only page 1) for ACAV RFPD. Changes are in red.



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