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Entry  Mon Jan 24 19:05:41 2011, Frank, Notes, Electronics Equipment, RFPD photodiodes 
    Reply  Mon Jan 24 20:26:44 2011, tara, Notes, Electronics Equipment, RFPD photodiodes 
Message ID: 451     Entry time: Mon Jan 24 20:26:44 2011     In reply to: 450
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: Electronics Equipment 
Subject: RFPD photodiodes 

I also got the Jenne laser and its power supply from 40m for TF measurement. They are on the PSL table.


got some 2mm InGaAs photodiodes from Peter. So we can go ahead and replace the dirty one from the ACAV RFPD tomorrow and re-tune it to 35.5MHz.


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