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Message ID: 443     Entry time: Mon Dec 27 10:10:39 2010
Author: Jan 
Type: Summary 
Category: PEM 
Subject: Weekly plots; T240 on PSL table 

I am just posting the time-frequency plots for a week-long summary. The data was collected between 2010-12-18 UTC 00:00 and 2010-12-25 UTC 00:00 (7 full days). Although least important to us, I am always most fascinated by the natural (microseismic) sources and not so much by anthropogenic (microtremor) sources. You could go on now and generate bifrequency plots, ultra-low frequency spectral variations and so on. These results would help to distinguish natural sources from local disturbances and can help to identify signals that are much weaker than the spectral density.

I will continue to acquire the data from the table for another week. Then I will move the seismometer from the table to the ground just for a day or so to check what the table does to the particle trajectories. Then it will go back to my lab.


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