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Entry  Mon Dec 20 14:35:23 2010, tara, Notes, Electronics Equipment, adjusting polarization for 35.5 MHz EOM 
    Reply  Mon Dec 20 22:52:55 2010, rana, HowTo, PMC, nuts 
       Reply  Thu Dec 23 22:26:14 2010, rana, HowTo, PMC, nuts 
Message ID: 438     Entry time: Mon Dec 20 22:52:55 2010     In reply to: 436     Reply to this: 439
Author: rana 
Type: HowTo 
Category: PMC 
Subject: nuts 

 The RefCav pole is 37 kHz, not 37 MHz.

To minimize the RFAM, you just look at the PMC REFL PD with the PMC unlocked and adjust the waveplate to minimize the peak. Before doing this, make sure that there is no signal on the PD with the light blocked.

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