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Message ID: 435     Entry time: Mon Dec 20 00:59:21 2010
Author: Jan 
Type: Summary 
Category: PEM 
Subject: Plots of seismic data 2010-12-19 

 2010-12-19 (Sunday UTC, Saturday/Sunday PT)

I am only going to point out a few differences or similarities to the previous day. The next plots that I intend to post are long-term (weekly, or monthly) plots. If people want to look at daily plots, then they can ask me. I have them on my PC.

The hour-lines plot seems to tell us that there is more going on than the day before, but remember that it is plotted with a different normalization. It is much quieter in fact. Still, as on the previous day, the real action can only be seen in the horizontals. It is almost exclusively underground luxury to observe horizontals that are as weak as the vertical.

Quiet-time and total-time spectra are more similar than on the previous day. What I find noteworthy is that the H/V ratios haven't changed much.

Weekend histograms are even more stationary (not surprisingly).

There is again this peculiar near-10Hz feature that goes away during night (although it stays in the horizontal...).

I was a little suprised to see particle trajectories to be very similar to the ones on the previous day. I always thought of surface seismicity of something that must vary strongly in terms of seismic sources.








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