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Message ID: 426     Entry time: Fri Dec 10 18:14:47 2010
Author: tara 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: Foam 
Subject: widen in-out holes on the foam box  

I widen the beam holes on the outer foam box.  Now all the holes are ~ 0.75" in diameter.


We are concerned about the scattering on the insulation, so we decided to increase the holes' size.

I used a heat gun to heat up a steel rod to melt the foam panel. 


As the insulation box was opened, I checked for scattering light inside the box. I did not see any scattering ligth except

on the ACAV inner insulation opening.

Also, there is a little scattering light at RCAV's insulation cap, so I measured the beat noise when I opened RCAV's inner cap.

There is no significant change, see fig 1. The trace with higher noise was taken when I opened the cap, probably because of too few average.

The scattering on RCAV cap might be negligible for now.


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