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Message ID: 389     Entry time: Wed Nov 10 22:36:59 2010
Author: tara 
Type: Summary 
Category: PMC 
Subject: current PMC's OLG TF  

The current plot for PMC's OLG TF is plotted below. The RF V is 6V, Gain slider is 14 dB.


The UGF is 820 Hz with phase margin (PM) = 180 - 53 = 127 degree.


At higher gain slider setup, the system starts to oscillate. One possible cause is the peak near 10^4 Hz which

might be the PZT's resonance frequency.

Without the notch the total gain we can increase will be limited by the peak.

I'll make a notch to damp it down.

The current spec will be ~20dB notch at 12.5 kHz, FWHM ~1kHz


From current setup, the optical TF should be + 16.5 dB flat, and the gain added by the gain slider is +14 dB.

previous setup we have opt TF = -5 dB and +30 dB from gain slider.

So we have improved the overall gain by ~5 dB and to UGF increased from 530 to 830 Hz.


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