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Message ID: 385     Entry time: Tue Nov 9 15:05:00 2010
Author: tara 
Type: Summary 
Category: PMC 
Subject: TF plot for each stage in PMC loop 

I plot the TF from each stage in the PMC loop and plot below.


1)  Servo (+ gain slider)[V/V], From the mixer output to the output of PA85. The amplitude can be added upto 30.5 dB by the gain slider setup


2) PZT [V/V]. From PA85 V output to V at PZT. This includes the last R in the servo (R44 = 64.3k Ohm) and C_pzt (0.23 uF). 


 3) Opt [V/V]. This includes the PMC and the frequency discriminator part up to the signal to the mixer.

The PMC converts V -> Hz [1.36 MHz/V]. The PMC pole is 1.9 MHz, so I

assume that it is flat at the region of interest (1-100kHz). The frequency discriminator convert Hz->V, and assuming flat response for now.

Thus the total unit of this part is [V/V] too. I'll separate this part into PMC and+ RFPD later.



Attachment 1: TF_stage.png  24 kB  Uploaded Tue Nov 9 18:33:19 2010  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: forplot.mat.zip  42 kB  Uploaded Tue Nov 9 18:38:56 2010
Attachment 3: TF_each_stage.m.zip  969 Bytes  Uploaded Tue Nov 9 18:39:03 2010
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