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Message ID: 384     Entry time: Fri Nov 5 21:23:27 2010
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: PMC 
Subject: Slope of error signal from PMC loop vs RF adjustment 

I measured the slope of the error signal vs RF voltage, the result is plotted below

 To increase the overall gain of the PMC loop, one thing we can do is changing the slope of the error signal.

This will increase the gain on the optical path of the loop.

So I measured the slope of the error signal, this information will allow me to know how much

gain I would get from each RF setting. The slope increases as the RF voltage increases, until V_RF ~ 8 V.

The error signal does not change at all when V_RF on the slider is between 8 to 10 [Max] V, and

there is no saturation in the signal.


Note: I use the oscilloscope to measure the slope around the center of the error signal, by

measureing dt and dV to get dV/dt around the center, (this can be converted to dV/dHz by the sideband)

but the result has large deviation, so I measure the pk-pk in stead, and divide that by the

cavity FWHM = 3.8 MHz which corresponds to the peak-peak of the signal. to get the average slope.

It will be lower than the actual value

but I'll keep it for now.


Attachment 1: slope.png  10 kB  Uploaded Fri Nov 5 22:23:41 2010  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: vc.mat  381 Bytes  Uploaded Fri Nov 5 22:23:50 2010
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