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Message ID: 362     Entry time: Wed Sep 15 22:43:41 2010
Author: tara 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: PMC 
Subject: checking pmc servo 

I checked PMC circuit to make sure that the schematic matches the actual board.

This is important because we want to make sure that it works exactly the way it should.

This is also useful when we want to modify it.

I check R and C on the board, everything seems fine except R2.

It says 9091 F which matches the schematic (9.09 k), but a multimeter reads 4.5 K, I might measure it wrong.

I also measured the TF between TP2 and TP4, I'll attach the result.

When I measured TF between TP3 and TP8,  I did not fully push the card into the socket, and this killed PA85 when I applied high voltage to the card.

Koji found me an unused Mach-Zender card at 40m. I replaced its PA85 for PMC card.

I tried it. This time, I made sure that the card was properly in its place, I screwed it down to the crate.

Then I connected PD cable, LO cable, HVout then HVin.

However, it sitll does not work , no high Voltage coming out. Only low voltage ~0.5 V which changes with the value on the PMC DC control slider.

I don't know if I accidentally killed it during the transplant operation.

It's a very bad day to be PA85.

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