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Entry  Tue Sep 14 20:14:37 2010, tara, DailyProgress, PMC, PMC open loop TF pmc_bode.png
    Reply  Mon Oct 4 21:05:21 2010, tara, DailyProgress, PMC, PMC open loop TF 
Message ID: 360     Entry time: Tue Sep 14 20:14:37 2010     Reply to this: 371
Author: tara 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: PMC 
Subject: PMC open loop TF 

Today I measured open loop transfer function of PMC loop.

The measurement has two parts.

First the swept sine signal is sent to FP2 test point, TP4 is connected to A, TP3 is connected to B,

the magnitude, B/A, gives us [C][D][E] .

For the second part, the swept sine is sent to ext DC channel,

TP3 is connected to A, and TP4 is connected to B.

this is the TF of [F][A][B]


 [A]--<FP2>-----[B]-----{TP4} ------[C]-----[D]---<Ext DC> ----[E] ---- {TP3}----[F]-----> back to [A]





The magnitudes and phase from both measurements are added up

to get the whole open loop TF of PMC loop [A][B][C][D][E][F].

UGF is ~1k Hz.

PMC setup

Gain 30dB (mzx)

LO PWR 0.585

Power input 30.9 mW

PMC_PHCON 2.5 + 180 flip


I'll verify that the schematic matches up with the real circuit we are using.

Attachment 1: pmc_bode.png  16 kB  Uploaded Tue Sep 14 21:14:57 2010  | Hide | Hide all
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