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Message ID: 35     Entry time: Fri Jan 15 12:53:31 2010
Author: Frank 
Type: Laser 
Category: RefCav 
Subject: latest slow actuator values 

refcav: 0.9512 @ 70.02 degC

acav: 0.9252 @ 39.996 degC

with 0.858V/GHz  ->  ~30MHz difference

1pm: changed refcav temp to 69.9 degC -> SLOWDC=0.9488

4pm: changed refcav temp to 69.5 degC -> SLOWDC=0.928 (but not final)

7pm: acav now at 0.923, refcav at 0.928  -> difference now ~6MHz

--> good temp values are ~69.5degC for the refcav and ~40degC for the acav


heater value refcav: ~2.983
heater value acav: ~6.245
both @21.6 degC room temp

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