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Message ID: 346     Entry time: Wed Sep 8 19:29:01 2010
Author: Frank 
Type: Notes 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: funny EPICS channel problems 

i have several channels, e.g "C3:PSL-RCAV_RCPID_SETPOINT", loaded on the VME system as software channels.

If i try to access those channels from the VME console everything is fine.

ASG :               DESC: SETPT- set point                  DISA: 0            
DISP: 0             DISV: 1             NAME: C3:PSL-RCAV_RCPID_SETPOINT       
OMOD: 0             OVAL: 0             RBV : 0x0           RVAL: 0x0                 
value = 0 = 0x0

If i try to use commands from any other machine, e.g. ezcaread for the same channels i get the message  "channel not accessible".
At the same time the VME system throws the following exception on the console.

psl1> task: 0Xca8f00 CA client
Illegal Lock Set Lock Set out of range:dbScanLock
task: 0Xf9f7f8 taskwd
task ca8f00 CA client suspended

This only happens to some channels. I don't see a system except that the channel names are long, but not longer than working ones. For R3.13 the name must be <= 28 characters, For R3.14 the name must be <= 60 characters.

What's the problem?


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