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Entry  Mon Aug 30 23:47:30 2010, tara, Notes, Environment, antack (ants attack) IMG_1235.JPG
    Reply  Tue Aug 31 13:26:32 2010, Frank, Notes, Environment, antack (ants attack) 
Message ID: 318     Entry time: Mon Aug 30 23:47:30 2010     Reply to this: 319
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: Environment 
Subject: antack (ants attack) 

 I think ants are now building their colony in the lab, even though there is no garbage, they can find some food around here.

That seems like a cricket's leg (see attached pic). A few of them walk around the optic table/ optics too.

I think we should let an aardvark roam around the lab for a day.


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