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Entry  Thu Aug 26 23:18:12 2010, Frank, Notes, BEAT, both cavities relocked 
    Reply  Fri Aug 27 18:49:43 2010, tara, Notes, BEAT, both cavities relocked 
Message ID: 311     Entry time: Fri Aug 27 18:49:43 2010     In reply to: 309
Author: tara 
Type: Notes 
Category: BEAT 
Subject: both cavities relocked 


rebooted the crate.


relocked both cavities. The second crate containing the output card to control the ACAV power supply stopped working and i can't login from here. It's blocking the telnet request.

So Tara, plz reboot the crate in the other "rack", above the SR785. Simply push the reset button... Thanks


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