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Message ID: 300     Entry time: Fri Aug 20 00:00:42 2010
Author: Frank 
Type: Summary 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: new/old channels for transmitted light of refcav 

as we moved the channels from the 16bit card to the 12bit card we also changed the channel name for the transmitted light of the reference cavity.
The original (historic) channel name was C3:PSL-FSS_RCTRANSPD, but since we have two cavities now we started to separate both systems by using the subsystem names RCAV and ACAV quite some time ago.

So far we still use some of the old channel names like the ones for the VCO as "FSS" channels, even if they belong to the other cavity since some while.
As it is quite a lot of work to change everything (you have to change all screens, scripts etc too) we didn't change those yet.

As we moved the PD channels today, we renamed the C3:PSL-FSS_RCTRANSPD into C3:PSL-RCAV_RCTRANSPD.
So plz use the new name from now on. We created a calc record entry for the old channel name which basically copies the value from the new, physical channel.
So all the old screens and scripts are still working. Once we changed all things and if we find the time we disable that channel and check if everything is still working.
Right now i don't see a problem in having both in parallel and use the new channel name wherever me make changes....

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