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Message ID: 288     Entry time: Tue Aug 17 18:54:19 2010
Author: Frank 
Type: Notes 
Subject: list of current problems and things to do 

 - personal notes -

  • tiny, periodic spikes in acav RF PD
  • ~36MHz oscillation (without light too) at RCAV RF pd dc output
  • PMC transPD signal into DAQ broken, changes periodic from real value to some random number. However real signal at input of cross-connect panel is constant (on scope & multimeter)
  • kicking the table introduces 5mK jumps in temp signals (random channels)

to-do-list (other stuff)

  • switch temp readout to VME based system (3123, channel 9-16, J5 and remaining channels from J4)
  • improve PID parameters (so I and D so far)
  • exchange linux workstation (freezes from time to time)
  • update boot values for all channels
  • change channel name for VCO input signal
  • change channel names for all PID controllers
  • measure TF for all loops
  • ...
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