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Message ID: 28     Entry time: Fri Dec 18 13:13:12 2009
Author: Frank 
Type: Computing 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: channels for new VME-based DAQ system now available in fb1 

the new channels are available as C3:PSL-GENxxxx on fb1. We have three cards installed so far:

12bit A/D channels : C3:PSL-GEN_12DAQ1 to 64

16bit A/D channels : C3:PSL-GEN_DAQ1 to 16

16bit D/A channels : C3:PSL-GEN_D2A1 to 8

the temperature of the anaylzer cavity is C3:PSL-GEN_DAQ1 (calibrated in degC)

the driving signal for the power supply for the heater is C3:PSL-GEN_D2A1 (calibrated in volts)

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