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Message ID: 2592     Entry time: Sat Oct 10 08:43:30 2020
Author: anchal 
Type: Summary 
Category: Electronics Equipment 
Subject: Red Pitaya and Moku characterization 

I set up Red Pitaya, Wenzel Crystal, and Moku at my apartment and took frequency noise measurements of Red Pitaya and Wenzel Crystal with Moku.


  • Wenzel Crystal was powered on for more than 5 hours when the data was taken and has an output of roughly 24483493 Hz. This was fed to Input 2 of Moku with a 10dB attenuator at front.
  • Red pitaya was on signal generator mode set to 244833644 Hz with 410 mV amplitude. This was fed to Input 1 of Moku.
  • Measurement files RedPitayaAndWenzelCrystalFreqTS_20201002_163902* were taken with 10 kHz PLL bandwidth for 40 seconds at 125 kHz sampling rate. So the noise values are trustworthy upto 10 kHz only.
  • Measurement files RedPitayaAndWenzelCrystalFreqTS_20201002_165417* were taken with 2.5 kHz PLL bandwidth for 400 seconds at 15.625 kHz sampling rate. So the noise values are trustworthy upto 2.5 kHz only.
  • Measurement MokuSelfFreqNoiseLongCablePhasemeterData_20190617_180030_ASD.txt was taken by feeding the output of Moku signal generator to its own phase meter through a long cable. Measurement details can be found at CTN:2357.
  • All measurement files have headers to indicate any other parameter about the measurement.


The plots in RedPitayaAndWenzelCrystalNoiseComp.pdf show the comparison of frequency noise of Red Pitaya and Wenzel Crystal measured with different bandwidths. Last two plots show all measurements at once where the last plot is shown for phase noise with integrated rms noise also plotted as dashed curves.

Large time-series data files are stored here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Y1JndCos8-cW4TQETRNVNybFcZhrVUCz?usp=sharing

Attachment 2 contains the calculated ASD data.

Update Thu Oct 22 21:47:21 2020

Attachment 3: Moku phasemeter block diagram sent to me by Liquid Instruments folks.

Attachment 1: RedPitayaAndWenzelCrystalNoiseComp.pdf  237 kB  Uploaded Sat Oct 10 17:08:27 2020  | Hide | Hide all
RedPitayaAndWenzelCrystalNoiseComp.pdf RedPitayaAndWenzelCrystalNoiseComp.pdf RedPitayaAndWenzelCrystalNoiseComp.pdf RedPitayaAndWenzelCrystalNoiseComp.pdf
Attachment 2: ASD_Data_And_Plots.zip  464 kB  Uploaded Sat Oct 10 17:08:43 2020
Attachment 3: MokuLab_Phasemeter_Block_Diagram.pdf  72 kB  Uploaded Thu Oct 22 22:46:46 2020  | Hide | Hide all
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