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Message ID: 2570     Entry time: Mon May 11 17:34:33 2020
Author: anchal 
Type: Notes 
Category: Documentation 
Subject: DAMOP Poster from CTN Lab 

I will be presenting a poster on the latest results from CTN Lab in the upcoming virtual DAMOP 2020 conference. The following link is poster as of now:


Comments/suggestions/mockery is most welcome.

I will need to go to the lab for the following things:

  • Take a transfer function measurement of RIN to beatnote frequency noise.
  • Take a final measurement with HEPA filters off.
  • Adjust gain levels of the ISS (North ISS is oscillating at this time)
  • If possible, take Noise Injection measurement with RIN.

The first two are important to get a good result to show in this poster. I hope the lab access opens up before June 1st, or I get some special access for a day or two.


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