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Entry  Thu Jul 29 01:25:42 2010, Frank, Megan, DailyProgress, RefCav, both cavities individually locked 
    Reply  Thu Jul 29 02:55:15 2010, Dmass, Summary, Computers, both cavities individually locked 
       Reply  Fri Jul 30 13:17:05 2010, Frank, Summary, Computers, RT code built using wrong user 
Message ID: 244     Entry time: Thu Jul 29 01:25:42 2010     Reply to this: 245
Author: Frank, Megan 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: RefCav 
Subject: both cavities individually locked 

we locked both cavities individually. Right now we can't lock both at the same time as the temperature stabilization loop isn't working. Something is wrong with the network.
We don't see the channels taken with the realtime system (running on fb0). Something is wrong with the broadcasting of the epics channels.
So we decided to lock them individually for now and start setting up the beat measurement as far as we can. The problem might be solved until we really need both at the same time.
We also add some more channels for the second cavity, RFPD DC out and transmitted light in order to monitor the quality of lock over time.

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