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Message ID: 2428     Entry time: Mon Sep 16 17:05:00 2019
Author: anchal 
Type: Summary 
Category: BEAT 
Subject: Beatnote Frequency stabalization 

Over the weekend, I ran Relay Tuning method for the PID of beatnote frequency control. After CTN:2426 this needed to be done to fix the PID constants to appropriate value. The results of the tuning were:

Critical period Tc = 45.900000000000006
Critical gain Kc = 18.382414309527164
Suggested kp, ki, kd are 3.676482861905433, 0.16019533167343933, 56.25018778715313

RXA: Wah! crying precision help here

The relay amplitude was set to 0.5 W and I could see very good sustained oscillations which the code used to get above calculated values.

Testing performance

I tested the performance of PID today. Attached is the convergence of beatnote frequency, which happened in about 20 minutes only to 40 kHz offset value. After that point, the proportional gain of the PID is so high, that the actuator response essentially copies the fluctuations in the beatnote frequency itself. So no more stabilization happens. The integral constant is very low (I think it is required for quick convergence with no overshoot), so to travel this 40 kHz distance, it will probably take hours. But that's fine with us as our photodetectors work well enough with this offset too.

If you see the second plot, the beatnote did not drift beyond +/- 2kHz for over 40 min. I want to see if tonights beatnote will get any better due to this good stabilization.

Code And Data

Attachment 1: BeatnotePIDPerformance.pdf  158 kB  Uploaded Mon Sep 16 18:21:09 2019  | Hide | Hide all
BeatnotePIDPerformance.pdf BeatnotePIDPerformance.pdf
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