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Entry  Tue Aug 27 18:53:15 2019, rana, Misc, FSS, up to date schematics 
    Reply  Fri Aug 30 18:25:31 2019, anchal, Misc, FSS, up to date schematics 
Message ID: 2407     Entry time: Fri Aug 30 18:25:31 2019     In reply to: 2400
Author: anchal 
Type: Misc 
Category: FSS 
Subject: up to date schematics 

All details regarding TTFSS boxes present in CTN has been updated at this page in ATFWiki


I have added fields of who made the changes, on which box and on which board to make this change log more readable. These fields should be followed from now on.

Relevant circuit schematics, photos and zero models are kept in ctn_electroncs/TTFSSzeroCTN repo to keep a version history of changes as well. This should be updated everytime any change is made to the boxes from now on.

Note: The current updates were made by using Andrew's change log and verifying that no other changes have been mentioned in our elog history other than the change log. However, if the real circuit has any changes which people did not log, then they are not present in these schematics or model. These, if they exist, will be added as soon as we find them.


I'm skeptical of your FSS changes over the past year. Can you please link to the DCC entry that has the actual, real, as-built, as-modified FSS schematics? i.e. including all changes no matter how minor.


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