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Entry  Tue Aug 27 19:15:51 2019, anchal, DailyProgress, BEAT, Daily acquisition of beatnote started 
    Reply  Thu Aug 29 19:15:45 2019, anchal, DailyProgress, BEAT, Daily acquisition of beatnote started. Now Automated. 
Message ID: 2402     Entry time: Tue Aug 27 19:15:51 2019     Reply to this: 2405
Author: anchal 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: BEAT 
Subject: Daily acquisition of beatnote started 

I have started daily acquisition of beatnote from today onwards. This directory will contain beatnote spectrums taken everyday along with a yaml file containing logged channel values for experiment configuration. Our aim is to collect this data so that overall degradation/enhancement of beatnote can be plotted with time along with any significant changes in the crucial experiment parameters. This will also help in identifying gains or loss after any change on the table or scripts.

Some updates:

  • The vacuum can temperature is stabilized to within 10 mK, verified with an out of loop temperature sensor.
  • The Cavity heater PID is also able to reach near 27 MHz and at times stabilize the beatnote to better than 4 KHz/min drift.
  • My guess is, if left uninterrupted, the PID will eventually create a very stable beatnote frequency. If not, we can cross-check the correlation between table temperature and beatnote as both are being monitored continuously.
  • I shifted to SN101 Beatnote Detector today as we are close to its peak transimpedance.
  • The ws1 system's graphics are deteriorating even more. The medm screens distort after few hours and striptool plots do not work well with too many curves.
  • Major Focus Right Now: Understanding scattering with elog surveys and looking forward to ordering parts for new can designed by Andrew.
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