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Message ID: 2367     Entry time: Tue Jul 16 11:19:32 2019
Author: ScottA and AnnaR 
Type: HowTo 
Category: Other 
Subject: How to Twist Wire 

Quick tutorial for twisting wire using a drill

  • The first step is to cut two or more equal length pieces of wire you want to twist. Keep in mind the act of twisting will shorten the length of the final product, so cut more than you will need. My two pieces to twist are shown in image 1.
  • The next step is to place one end on a fixed surface, here I used a clamp. The other end should be placed inside the chuck of the drill. Make sure at the drill end both wires are secured, the second image shows this setup.
  • Then you will hold the wire taut, and use the drill to twist the wire. I recommend going slow at first then speeding up after a few turns. A video of this process is at https://youtu.be/GbrDBidJxN4
  •  While keeping the wire taut, get a good grip on the wire before releasing it from the drill chuck, like in the third picture. This is to make sure the wire doesn't completely unwind itself after being released.
  • Now you want to let the wire turn in your hand, controlling the rate of rotation. Slowly remove any excess torque in the wires until they no longer spin on their own. If the wires are not kept taut before this step, it will coil up with itself and most likely be ruined. After the wire stops spinning on its own, you should have stable twisted wires good for use.

And that is the quick guide on how to twist wires with a drill.

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