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Message ID: 2361     Entry time: Wed Jul 3 11:33:47 2019
Author: ScottA 
Type: DailyProgress 
Category: RFAM 
Subject: Tuning Inductor value for EOM Driver 

 LTspice Results

  • Using the values for the bias tee found before, I investigated the possibility of tweaking a tuning inductor in the EOM Driver to retrieve the same resonance peak from before the bias tee introduction.
  • According to LTspice, a value of 926.5 nH is sufficient to reach a resonance peak at 37MHz.
  • This is within the range of the coil-craft tunable inductor 143-16J12L from https://www.coilcraft.com/uni10.cfm 
  • According to LTspice, a value of 978.7 nH is sufficient to reach a resonance peak at 36MHz, which is in range with the same inductor as above.
Attachment 1: Graphing_TF_BiasTee_and_Inductor_36_37MHz.zip  222 kB  Uploaded Wed Jul 3 16:09:22 2019
Attachment 2: Transfer_W_Bias_and_Inductor36and37.pdf  18 kB  Uploaded Wed Jul 3 16:09:43 2019  | Hide | Hide all
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