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Entry  Tue Feb 26 02:45:20 2019, anchal, Notes, Computers, Migrating epics channels from acromag1 to c3iocserver acromag.cmd
    Reply  Tue Mar 12 17:04:03 2019, anchal and awade, Summary, Computers, Migrating epics channels from acromag1 to c3iocserver 
       Reply  Sun Mar 17 18:28:06 2019, awade and anchal, Summary, Computers, Migrating epics channels from acromag1 to c3iocserver: killing acromag1 services 
Message ID: 2308     Entry time: Tue Feb 26 02:45:20 2019     Reply to this: 2309
Author: anchal 
Type: Notes 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Migrating epics channels from acromag1 to c3iocserver 

We have been thinking for a while to migrate all epics channels from acromag1 ( to c3iocserver ( which is rack mount with the latest supported ubuntu Debian.

Unfortunately, my first attempt failed and I tried to put everything back to the status quo but the docker instance on iocserver which was running PMC interface is not working. Here are the steps I took:

  • I created a modified acromag.cmd file to be used in ioc4server with docker. The file is attached. All the running acromag cards and their db file addresses were added in this single file.
  • I copied all the relevant db files to /home/modbus/db/ in the iocserver computer.
  • I stopped the running docket container with NPMC and SPMC interface channels. I stopped AcromagBoot service on acromag1 and removed it from /etc/init/ (preserving the copy).
  • I rebooted acromag1 for a clean start. No channels were running at this point.
  • Then at iocserver, I ran:
    sudo docker run -dt --name AcromagChannels -v :/home/controls/modbus/acromag.cmd -v  :/home/modbus/db -p 5064:5064 -p 5065:5065 -p 5064:5064/udp -p 5065:5065/udp andrewwade/modbusepicsdocker
  • This started a docker container but I couldn't see any channel from acromag1 using caget. So either the channels are not broadcasted properly or the modbus command file is not running properly.
  • So, to go back to previous state, I stopped and removed container AcromagChannels and ran the previous IOCStart.cmd file with:
    sudo docker run -dt --name AcromagPMC -v :/home/controls/modbus/IOCStart.cmd -v  :/home/modbus/db -p 5064:5064 -p 5065:5065 -p 5064:5064/udp -p 5065:5065/udp andrewwade/modbusepicsdocker
  • I put back the AcromagBoot.conf file in acromag1's /etc/init and rebooted acromag1 again.
  • This brought back all the channels hosted by acromag1 but not the PMC interface channels from iocserver. So there is definitely some problem with the way I ran docker.

I couldn't debug remotely further for the cause of this problem. So the status is worse than I started. The PMC channels are not running and hence everything must be unlocked in the lab right now.

Edit Mon Mar 11 18:38:03 2019 (awade): crossed out Ubuntu added Debian

Attachment 1: acromag.cmd  4 kB  | Hide | Hide all

# Use the following commands for TCP/IP
# drvAsynIPPortConfigure(const char *portName,
#                        const char *hostInfo,
#                        unsigned int priority,
#                        int noAutoConnect,
#                        int noProcessEos);
# Example: drvAsynIPPortConfigure("c3test1","",0,0,1)
... 93 more lines ...
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