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Message ID: 23     Entry time: Sun Dec 6 14:54:43 2009
Author: Frank 
Type: Laser 
Category: RefCav 
Subject: temp sensor added on refcav2 

added a single temp sensor on refcav2 (AD590) last week  in order to monitor the temp of refcav2. We tried to change the heater power on both cavities to match the frequencies. So far we have no tempctrl. Changes of the room temperature have too large (and different) influence on the individual cavities. So it"s almost impossible to predict the room temp changes and change the heater power to match both cavities. We need a real temp stabilization of the chambers...

the name of this sensor is C:PSL-FSS_RCTEMP

room temp next to both chambers is measured with C:PSL-FSS_RMTEMP


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