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Message ID: 2262     Entry time: Fri Dec 7 11:26:30 2018
Author: awade 
Type: Misc 
Category: DAQ 
Subject: Frame builder back up 

Framebuilder has been down for months now.  It looks like I've been able to get it up and going again albeit with the same issues of drifting clock from before.

I restarted the TCS lab framebuild computer (fb4) that is supposed to be recording all our PSL lab channels.  It seems that the daqd process was hung on something. After poking around a bit I found that a large proportion of channels have been renamed, maybe requests to dead channels was overwhelming it.  I used Craig's python channelFramebuilderConfigFileCreator.py script (see PSL:2133) to regenerate all channels into a .ini file used by cds, copied the output to them to /opt/rtcds/caltech/c4/chans/daq/C3CTN.ini and restarted.  

Framebuild is now back and recording all channels (except modecleaner channels) with a UTC time that is 2h 20 m too slow.  Otherwise we are now collecting data that will be useful in assesing goodness of vacuum can temperature control.

To fix the time drift issues we need to get GPS stablized timing waveform into the daq

Todo list:

  • Run 10 MHz backlink from cryo lab to TCS lab
  • Aquire function generator to generate 65kHz (32 KHz?) waveform to feed into framebuilder
  • Electronics hardware to connect into ADC in fb4
  • Configure fb4 to stablize to GPS standard

Someone else needs to do this.  Maybe a secondary project for Gupta.


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